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Eye Envy really works well. It made a big difference on my lashes and helps keep them healthy and strong. I would reccomend to anyone looking to get longer stronger lashes 

Kayla Osaka

I have been using Eye Envy for almost one year now and I love how it grows my lashes long and strong. The best part about it is that I am able to use it with my lash extensions, I never have to take a break because my lashes are always nice and full!


Shannon Feakes

My time spent with Janique is always something I look forward to. She put me onto using eye Envy on a regular basis in the mornings. My Lashes are always super long and healthy making it easy for her to work her magic. I know for a fact that when I don't us it my lashes suffer, they don't grow in as healthy and I certainly don't get the strength needed out of them.

Ashley l'Heureux

Cathie Covell

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